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Beyond Beast. Beyond Man. Become… a GOD!

All sacrilige aside, the combined form of the SoC Dancougar, the Dancougar itself, is a mighty impressive piece of kit! Check it out!

No town big enough for this Cougar!

The fourth and final component of the SoC Dancougar is Sara Yuki’s Land Cougar. With three modes and forming Dancougar’s other foot, this mean machine is not one to be trifled with!

Pretty much my favourite animal…

This Liger may not be bred for its skills in magic, but the Land Liger from the SoC Dancougar does have three modes, and turns into a foot to boot!

A Big Moth never forgets!

Goofy name aside, the Big Moth is the main chunk of the SoC Dancougar. Check it out!

Start at the top!

Okay, so I can’t just leave a new section empty, right? Check out the Eagle Fighter from the SoC Dancougar ¬†on the Cool Stuff page!