For Sale

I can’t always keep all the fun for myself! From time-to-time, there will be kits that I had plans for that don’t materialize, or are collectible and I think might find a good, loving home in the hands of someone who’s looking for something rare or at least hard to get.

Below are links to models that I have for sale on Ebay. I’m always open to offers, so if you see something you want, just email the seller, and he’ll get in touch with me. If you think a price is too high, you can always ask what you think is fair. I may not take it, but hey, that’s how this game works, right?

I just ask that you don’t bother posting flames or rude comments if you think my prices are too high. (I’ll delete any such comments with extreme prejudice.) I’ve tried to come in lower than the scalpers, but let’s face it, some of these kits are valuable, and I can’t help that. I don’t advertise or get any money from this site in any other way, and this link to my few auctions is the only financial aspect of the site.

Thanks for looking!


s-l225-6FROG Fairey Delta 2 s-l225-5FROG 1/72 DH.110 Prototype

Bandai HGUC Hyaku Shiki and Mega Bazooka Launcher

s-l225-7Bandai HGUC Thunderbolt GM s-l225-8Bandai HG Thunderbolt Gundam Ground Type-S s-l225-12

Bandai HG Thunderbolt Gundam Full Armor

s-l225-14Bandai Ex-Model Yukikaze Grey Sylph s-l225-11

Bandai HGUC Gaza C


HG Gundam 00 Reborns Gundam Trans-Am Mode

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