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Gundam Mid-Year 2015 HGBF Prize 004

Lady Luck can be fickle, but when she’s with you, she’s really with you. As proof, I offer this look at the HG Build Fighters Try Special Set, a prize in the Mid-Year Campaign 2015 from Bandai. There wer only 82 of these prizes available in the entire world, so I consider myself lucky to […]

M16 039

Effective mobile defence against low-flying enemy fighter bombers was a key development in WWII. It required a vehicle that could keep up with the armoured columns it was to defend, as well as one tough enough to mount viable weaponry. In the M16, aka the “meat chopper” the US and Allied forces had such a […]

Daewoo LeMans (OOB) 001

There was a time when Korean companies didn’t build the quality of automobile they do now. In the 1980’s Hyundai hadn’t reached it’s current level of refinement. However, there was a company far, far worse. This was Daewoo. For some reason, GM thought it would be great to let Daewoos loose in North America, and […]

Corporal 006

This world is full of awesome stuff. Every now and then you encounter something that is so cool that you can’t help but be drawn to it. The problem comes when that “something” is over half a century old, and fairly rare to boot. Thus it is with the Dinky Toys No. 666 Corporal Missile […]

Once she's all finished up, the ancient Aoshima Myrt doesn't look half bad, if I may say so myself.

Despite the age of the kit and the fact that it is basically substandard from wingtip to wingtip in so many ways, the Farpro 1/72 Saiun (Myrt) is done! This ancient wonder really came alive with some paint and pastels, and ┬ánow looks mostly like Japan’s super-fast recon bird! Check it out in the Planes […]

Mercedes G4 (OOB) 002

Dictators always have to have the coolest accessories. Two things they need for sure are a.) a GIANT hat and b.) a really cool car. Hitler’s hat wasn’t that big, but his car sure was cool! The 6×6 Mercedes-Benz G4/W31 was a monster of a parade car, and suited the Nazi aesthetic personally. Check out […]

Dude! Enough with the CG effects! The Legilis' box is very busy and exc

While it may look like “just another Gundam”, the 1/144 HG Gundam Legilis has a few things that set it apart from others bearing the Gundam name. As the final enemy protagonist in Gundam AGE, the Legilis is one of the most powerful MSs of that series, and its lean lines and aggressive styling befit […]


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