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This picture shows how Matchbox's "fabric" effect works without highlighting. There's no need to pick out the high- or lowlights on the pseudo fabric covering  the fuselage and wings; natural light gives just the right effect!

Testbed aircraft are always interesting thanks to their sometimes bizarre modifications. One example of a little-known testbed aircraft was the Vickers Type 289, which was a Wellesley bomber (itself not that well known today) adapted to test the Hercules two-row radial engine. In order to make sure that this important aircraft is not forgotten, I […]

It's a toad! It's a Kammback! No! It's MPC's Vette Van! 
Get ready Show Rod fans, this one's gonna get weird!

What do you get when you mix imagination, narcotics, Vannin’ culture and the era of Show Rods? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but MPC answered that question with what is undoubtedly one of their more bizarre and interesting kits; the Vette Van! Part Vette, part Van and all weird, it’s a lot […]

Matchbox Armour 003

There are times when one of something (or even 5 of it) just aren’t enough. Sometimes the Fates are with you, and you can score a whole bunch of interesting kits all at once, and at other times you can build up a collection of a specific interesting type of kit over the course of […]

You have to love Matchbox's flair for colour! The artwork is nice, but not overly exciting, like the Skyknight itself!

While not as glamourous or sexy as other jets of its day, the Douglas F3D-2 Skyknight was an important asset for the US Navy and Marines. It gave good night fighting service in Korea, a well as serving in an EW capacity in Vietnam. Until Sword came out with its Skyknight in 2013, the 1/72 […]

HGUC F-91 009

It took a long time to get the petite and attactive F-91 Gundam into the HGUC Lineup. The lack of Gundam F91’s success and the small size of the model meant that Bandai was in no hurry to get the F-91 onto shelves. However, now that it’s here, can we really say it was worth […]

This is the 1984 Citation X-11 in Light Fern Metallic. It may not be as exciting as others, but it does have a subdued charm all its own!

Well, it’s finally done! ┬áThe Light Fern Metallic Citation X-11 that I’ve been working on has finally been completed, and man, is it… subdued! ┬áThe Citation X-11 notchback is a weird enough thing to make a kit of, but to make this kit into a 1984 model in such a rare and geeky colour only […]

Farpro Zero (OOB) 001

The Mitsubishi A6M Zero is one of the most famous planes ever. There are tonnes of kits of it, and every year or two it seems like we get a new one, a better one or a bigger one (sometimes, all three!). The Zero’s fame has ensured it will always be kitted somewhere. However, its’ […]


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