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BOOM! Here's some in-your-face MPC Vette action! Check out that stripe and how shiny that Vette is. Also, check out the Kar Kraft  refugee behind it!

It’s hard to argue with the overall appeal and mystique of the Corvette. That’s why there are so many kits of them. So, does the world really need another one? Well, I think it does, especially when that model is the Round 2 re-release of the 1/25 MPC ’75 Open Corvette Roadster! That’s right, you […]

Umm... Okay. So, not really going for the "excitement" angle on the box art, then... Farpro's Shiun shares the same deeply bland box as its brethren.

Yes, that also spells SNAFU! In a way, that’s a bit what this ancient Farpro Japan boxing of the equally ancient Aoshima E15K1 Shiun (Norm) recon float plane looks like! If you want to see how they did things back in the day, the Farpro 1/72 Kawanishi Shiun will certainly make you glad they don’t […]

More MPC goodness! Everything from wild to super-mild in this particular shot. You can see how their box art evolved from the mid-'70s through to their demise in 1988.

Just thought I’d take a few minutes to update my MPC Cars collection pictures. I’ve had the good luck to amass EVEN MORE awesome MPCs in the last while, so I thought I’d throw up some more cool box art pics from the heyday of my favourite car kit maker. Check it out on the […]

If you see this van a rockin... well, you CAN'T HELP  but see that, now can you? Gold Rush takes Vannin' to new extremes; this is not for the faint of heart, my friends!

Well, after a lot of hard work, the old 1/25 MPC Gold Rush show van is done! This is one of MPC’s wilder customs when it comes to vans, and it’s an IMSA-flarin, whale-tailin’ good time! As expected, it wasn’t the easiest kit, even in final assembly, but it’s worth every swear word and and […]

2016-07-13 My B'day Here 037

As it turns out, the cool Firebase Cake that my brother and sister-in-law made to celebrate my 40th birthday wasn’t the only Dinky-based surprise to be headed my way! There was also a completely custom-made Dinky 40Y Gift Set (aka Geezer Set) to help me get “over the hill”. Made up of a surprising number of […]

Howitzer Cake (1)

Some people love to make a big deal out of their birthdays, and others don’t. I, personally, am  one of the former. I don’t mind getting older. As my grandfather  used to say: “Getting older isn’t really the problem. It’s when you STOP getting older that you’ve got an issue.” I’m definitely on board with […]

Predaking 074

Well, I’m back at it. When I see one thing that reminds me of another, I just can’t stop until I’ve tried to make everyone else see it too. This time, I saw the old Transformers G1 Predaking in the Build Fighters Try “Gundam Tryon 3”. It took some re-eingineering, but I was able to […]


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