Model Kits

This is the place to go and find different galleries and posts on models. Click on a subject that interests you and have fun exploring!

Subject Matter:

Cars: If it rolls, it’s here.

Planes: If it flies, it’s here, unless it’s Sci-Fi.  Most of my “What-Ifs” are either Planes, or Plane-related.

A tale of two deltas! Here you can see the Matchbox Mirage IIIB and Mirage IV together. It's clear from here that the IV is just a scaled up III. If it isn't broken, don't fix it; clearly Dassault subscribed to this philosophy!

Sci-Fi: If it’s from an anime, movie, book or comic it’s here.  That means everything from robots to figures to spaceships, and all things in between!

HGUC F-91 045

Out Of Box (OOB) Reviews: First impressions of a kit right out of the box – no building yet! A preview of what’s in my stash!

Here's the box for the Tamiya Buccaneer. It's fairly exciting, if not dated. The khaki green stripe gives it the right air of mud-moverness.

Ships and Tanks: I also build the odd ship (mostly subs) and tank kit. This is where you’ll find them!

This is after flat and satin coating. You can see the "white" lines still show up, but are far more subtle on the final product!

 Scores and Collections: Sometimes, a whole bunch of things just fall into my lap at one time. This section is for these “Birds of a Feather”.

2015-03-07 Dragonar Score (3)


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