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Okay, so not everything in my life revolves around plastic model kits and Pontiacs. I know, that this is hard to believe, but it’s true.  (It doesn’t help that I have plastic models OF Pontiacs, mind you…)

There are other things in life that I find just as interesting, and although not all of them are suitable for posting on the internet (keep  your minds out of the gutter… I’m talking about things like Mesoamerican astronomy, evolutionary biology and so forth), some are.  That’s what this page is for; a place for me to post things that I find cool and interesting, but that don’t fit into the rest of The Sprue Lagoon’s categories.  Here you’ll find pictures of some stuff that I’ve come across and acquired that is just cool.

You’ll see all kids of things, from giant robot toys and rare or interesting Transformers, to intersting military toys and Lord knows what else.  Make no mistake, this isn’t going to be an exhaustive resource for this kind of thing, but I hope to make it a place where you get to see some stuff you might not otherwise see on your average troll around the internet.

Click on the name of the item (which is hyperlinked) to see a full article on it, or to go to a separate sub page.

What has four wheels, a removeable bodyshell and is made by Hot Wheels? No, I don't know either...

Hot Wheels Mystery Car:What is this? I don’t know, myself, but I’m hoping someone out there might! Check out the most confusing thrift store find ever!

Dinky LogoMilitary Dinky Toys:British Steel! These are mighty metal machines from a long-gone era. Check out my small collection of Dinky military vehicles here!


 Models of Yesteryear 022Models of Yesteryear:Lesney of Britain’s take on the pioneering autos of 80+ years ago! See some of the first “Adult Collectible” die cast cars!

литого под давлением автомобилей

Russian Die Cast Cars:

From the toy factories of the former Soviet Union come a host of amazingly detailed and unusual models. By far the superior of most Western 1/43 units!

SOC Dancougar 155Soul of Chogokin Dancougar:This is the ultimate SoC, a die-cast and plastic, highly detailed toy robot that splits into four transformable vehicles. Check it! star-angels-001

SZE Star Angels Van: From deepest darkest Knockoffia comes this oddball toy van. You need to see it, to believe it!


Corgi “Dougall’s Magic Roundabout Car”: While I can’t help but think it’s the mushrooms that are “magic”, this is still a cool and unique die cast. Trippin!

Zylmex “Datsun Sunshine”: A 1/43 custom truck from a rarely-remembered also-ran in the competitive toy car segment. Very cool in its own right!

Solido Cougars: Solido made a number of 1/43 Die Cast after Dinky of France died. Losers abound!


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