Real Cars

Not only do I love model cars, I like real ones as well!

I go to cruise nights quite often, and see some really nice machines. Of course, I also see some interesting cars out on the roads in general. Some are awesome, some are losers. Of course, being a massive loser can sometimes make a car awesome!

See the links below for some real cars that are of interest to me, and hopefully of interest to you, too!

My 1980 Turbo Trans Am (Faust):

Here you see all four of Faust's headlights on, which is a rarity!

My first car, and my finest (so far). Let the Screaming Chicken take you back to a day when carbourated turbocharging seemed to hold the answers to performance in a gas-crisis world. The end of the first horsepower race was at hand, but Poncho’s Soul Survivour went down swinging!

Update! Jan 1, 2013:  Check out Faust’s prime mover on the Under The Hood page!

This is the 301T in its natural habitat; shoehorned into the engine bay of the last 2nd Gen T/As.

My 2009 G8 GT (Cliff):

Thanks to driving other cars, I’ve grown fond of Pontiacs, and I would love to drive nothing but. Well, thanks to GM’s shortsighted decision to kill of Poncho in 2009, that dream can’t become a reality. However, I consider myself very lucky – I am able to drive two rear-wheel-drive V8 Ponchos; my daily driver is a 2009 G8 GT!

Other Cars of Interest:

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