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Sure, Bandai may hate ZZ Gundam, but if they can sell a kit, they'll make one! This is the Sleeves version of the Dovenwolf all "ZZed" up. I was too impatient to wait for the release of the "legit" ZZ version, so shoot me.

Good things come to those who wait. It’s true, espeically so for Gundam kits. We’ve been waiting for overy 25 years for a nice 1/144 Dovenwolf kit, and now Bandai has delivered with the HGUC Dovenwolf (Unicorn Ver.). However, I didn’t want a Sleeves version, I wanted a ZZ version, and like a petulant 2-year […]

The box is kind of lame, and it doesn't really make you want to buy the kit. However, the SVO's unique styling certainly jumps out at you!

Sometimes, trying new things works out, and you have a hit on your hands. Things like colour TV and the iPod prove this. Sometines, though, it isn’t all roses, and an unusual approach can lead to something that’s very good, but just doesn’t quite grab everyone’s attention. Good examples of this are Beta VCRs, Moon […]

The Dovenwolf's box makes the mech appear extremely powerful, which it is. It's also a nice piece of art, which never hurts!

Straight out of left field came the news that Bandai was going to kit a version of the somewhat obscure Dovenwolf from ZZ-Gundam as part of its new HGUC Unicorn MSV lineup!  It has been over a quarter century since the last Dovenwolf kit was issued, so there was no doubt it would be an […]

This is the finished AMTech Ta-183 Huckebein, show in a proposed air superiority cammo for fall, 1945. This is a good, but basic kit of one of the most ‘legitimate’ Luft ’46 concepts.

The annals of aviation history are replete with all kinds of fanciful designs and concepts that never really stood a chance of making it in the real world. The AMTech 1/48 Ta-183 Huckebein, however, celebrates one design that was so close to real that it’s almost a crime it didn’t make it. Read more in […]

With its snappy oh-so-80's sunset stripe and bold use of colours, it's easy to almost gloss over the fact that you're seeing a Blue Diamonds Hunter T.7 on the box lid. Note the "unpainted" model drawn on the side. That's what your 3 colours will get  you!

I have a thing for two-seat aircraft, especially conversions from one-seaters. Thankfully, while many companies ignore the trainer variants of so many planes, Matchbox did not! A perfect example of that is the 2-in-1  1/72 kit of the Hawker Hunter T.7/FGA.9. While it may be old and simple, it’s also somewhat rare, and it can […]

What has four wheels, a removeable bodyshell and is made by Hot Wheels? No, I don't know either...

Sometimes the simplest questions are the hardest to answer. In this case, the question is “Which Hot Wheels is this?” Given the depth of HotWheels collectors’ knowledge, and with the power of the internet, solving this query should have been a 1-hour-at-max undertaking. However, it has proven to be amazingly difficult!  There’s no reference to […]

I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons! You will do EXACTLY as I say! 

The completed Ez-8 "Megatron" conversion certainly looks the part of Cybertron's #1 bad guy!

The original G1 Megatron is one of the most recognizable villains in modern sci-fi history. While there aren’t any good kits of him, with a bit of work, the Gundam Ez-8 comes a close second! Check out my Megatron conversion of the 1/100 MG Ez-8, and prepare to meet your Slagmaker!


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