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What the... As if the Citation wasn't lame enough, someone had to go and do this. I don't think real Lowrider fans would take this serious. Of course, real car aficionados can't take the stock Citation seriously, either...

The originally much-lauded, later much-villified, GM “X-Car” of the early 1980’s is not something a lot of people care to remember. The Citation’s “sporty” version was the X-11, and Revell has seen fit to reissue their Citation X11 as a lowrider. Check it out, and remember, it’s unlikely ANY car can get lower opinions than […]

The box is typical Revell Germany, with the blue "pinstripe" background and some fairly nice artwork. It's not very exciting, but then again, the 1.44 hasn't led an exciting life, either!

See, I told ¬†you that was a lot of ones and fours! The Mig 1.44 was that maker’s entry into the then Soviet Union’s next fighter demonstrator competition. However, due to the fall of Communism and the end of the Cold War, the big Mig didn’t get much of a chance to strut its stuff. […]

Scammel Wrecker (3)

Breaking down in a car is one thing, but having an armoured vehicle break down in the field is another. To handle this contingency, armies have developed all kids of recovery vehicles through the ages. One of the ones fielded by the British during the Cold War was the Scammell Recovery Tractor. This big, solid […]

FW 380_1

If there’s one thing the Germans loved in WWII, it was twinning things! If one of something is good, two welded together must be better, right? Well, maybe not, but I think that joining two of the excellent FW-190 D fighters together might have made for a threatening adversary! To that end, I decided to […]

This is the Keroro Robo Mk. II.  While there are more than a few Gundam Mk. II references (the rifle and shield being the most obvious), it is a surprisingly fresh take on a powered suit. Well, a powered suit driven by an alien frog, at least!

What’s more terrifying than an invading alien space frog? His transforming power suit, of course! Check out the Keroro Robo Mk. II with Keroro from the ridiculously funny Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog) anime! This kit is designed for kids, but has all the detailing you’d expect from Bandai. A nice change, and definitely something you […]

This is the SVO in the rare Hertz-only "4E Dark Sage" colour. This is, quite likely, the rarest Mustang ever produced.

Of all the 1980’s Mustangs, one of the rarest models is the SVO. The SVO was a big deal when it came onto the scene; with European manners and flair and a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, Ford hoped to beat back the Imports. One customer for the SVO was Hertz Rent-A-Car, which ordered numerous in the […]

Wellesley OOB 001

To paraphrase the great Winston Churchill: “Never in the field of plastic modelling has so much wing been crammed into so small a box by so many different companies”. Both Matchbox, and later Revell, were able to take a plane with a wingspan TWICE that of a Spitfire and fit it into a box smaller […]


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