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Five Kits, But Only 15 Wheels!

For many, when they think of the cars of the “fabulous Fifties”, images wild colours, acres of chrome, and fins that would make the Panavia Tornado jealous, are what spring immediately to mind. To them, I say “Bah!” That’s waaay to normal for here at the Lagoon. However, there were other parts of the world […]

Mustang? Probe-ably not!

While it never replaced the Mustang, the Ford Probe GT, first issued in 1989, was a popular sporty car that did well for Ford and gave people something fun and a bit futuristic to toot around in. With a turbocharged engine and smooth lines, the Probe GT was well-suited to takeon its rivals like Daytonas […]

Get Your Hen’s Teeth Here!

Alright, folks. Hold onto your seats and get ready for a review of what is easily one of the rarest kits I’ve yet come across: the 1/20 Bandai Mazda Familia Rotary Coupe! It’s so rare that this article is the most detailed review you’re likely to ever find. Check out this 40+ year old super-rare […]