Wheezing off into the Sunset

The end of the ’70s saw the final nails driven into the coffin of automotive excitement and performance. The Gas Crisis and government-mandated emissions standards choked all the fun out of driving. However, as the sun set on what had been a glorious chapter in the history of the car, a few car makers were still trying to play on the old feelings of freedom and power that the car once embodied. Perhaps one of the gaudier examples of this was the Pinto Cruising Wagon.

By 1979, Ford’s little incendiary econonbox had received its last (and some would say ugliest) facelift. The writing was on the wall, but that didnt’ stop the Blue Oval Boys from dishing out one final scoop of “mini-van” pretentions. Thankfully, Round 2 has reissued the Pony Express custom Pinto kit, and given you everything they could (but not all you need) to make it into a stock 1979 Pinto Cruising Wagon. Check it out on the Cars page, and be glad the sun set on this one a long time ago…


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