Reboxed Sardine Can

The development of the submarine as a decisive weapon started in WWI and definitely reached maturity in WWII. Most people even slightly familiar with WWII know about the “U-Boat Menace” that scared even the nigh-unflappable Churchill. One class of submarine, though, that gets relatively little (pun intended) of the limelight though, are the midget submarines. These were the tiny “baby brothers” to the ocean-going boats; they had only one or two man crews and limited speed and range.

While other nations may have gotten more out of their midget subs than Germany, the Kriegsmarine was a powerful exponent of the midget sub, and there were several types developed and deployed during the war, with several more proposed or under design. One of the most successful of these was the “Seehund” (sea dog, or seal in German). Check out the Revell Germany (nee ICM) 1/72 Seehund on the Out of Box Page to see this little tin can in all its styrene glory!

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