Venomous Spyder!

Trying to choose among many cool things is never easy. A good example of this is choosing which of many Monza kits to buy while I’m at hobby shops. The answer there is simple; all of them. However, it’s less obvious where to start with all of them. I guess others had the same problem, because even my poll from a while ago failed to produce an overall victor. In fact, three were tied for first place!

One of these was the wild IMSA-styled “Street Spyder”, a crazy MPC custom if ever there was one. Since it was also my, and my nephew’s favourite (he’s 4 and likes lots of colour), I decided to treat the world to a look at this kit first. Check out MPC’s 1978+ Monza Street Spider on the Out of Box page. You’ll never see Zombie Sugar Skulls the same again!

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