Like a Super Coupe(r)

Fighting imports wasn’t something the Big Three really understood. I’m not sure they even really get it yet, but they’re closer now than they were. For some reason or another, various attempts to rival sporty European and Japanese cars by North American makers usually end in failure. They either can’t compete on quality and “flavour”, or if they can, they aren’t accepted by the public. They’re either seen as too domestic to be foreign, or too foreign to be domestic.

One car that seemed to dodge this bullet was the tenth generation T-Bird. Especially in it’s 1992 guise, the T-Bird Super Coupe, with a supercharged, rear-drive V-6 layout and good handling, suspension and fittings, was a legitimate import contender. While not a lot were built, They were well-lauded, and for good reason; even today, three decades later they’d be no slouches! Thankfully, Revell gave us a 1/25 1992 T-Bird SC way back in the day, so we can all enjoy it today. Check out the winner of my Christmas Haul 2020 poll on the Out of Box page, and get ready to be impressed.



  1. Randall CArlisle · · Reply

    Adam, just a note for builders on the decal sheet. NC does NOT use a front plate at all. And what they gave you has the date decals, so that is the standard plate we use on the rear. No front plate unless someone puts an old plate up there.

    1. Oh, that’s good to know!

      Here in Ontario, the Date Plate (we call it the “Sticker” plate) goes on the back, and a clone with no sticker goes on the front.

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