Goin’ Downtown!

There are two things I love about modelling. Making an accetably accurate replica of something of historical interest to me, and using my imagination. Rarely do those to meet in the middle, but when they do, it’s almost always a Luft ’46 project that brings them together! Usually, one thinks of Luft ’46 stuff as pretty niche, and there being only short-run kits available.

Well, Revell Germany proved us all wrong in 1998 by not only making mainstream, injected kits of some of the Luftwaffe’s crazy “napkin” planes, but also tackling what is one of the biggest Luft ’46 subjects dared by most companies, especially at the time. The six-jet flying wing E.555 was the Germans’ dream for a bomber to bring a dose of WWII to America’s shores. Check out the 1/72 Arado E.555 (Design 1) for some What-If craziness! It’s on the Out of Box page.


  1. Pierre Lagacé · · Reply

    I found this box top…

    1. Yeah, that’s the 2012 (I think) reissue. It’s funny they’d bother with new art, but I can’t help but wonder if the implied impugnity of the old box art didn’t ruffle some feathers…

      1. Pierre Lagacé · ·

        I like the reissued box art.

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