Like a Fox(y) in a Henhouse

You know when you’ve got it made. One way to show that to others is to drive a very fancy, or very one-of-a-kind car. For many in Hollywood, that has been an easy choice to make, and since cars and movies came to be, stars have often driven ostentatious custom machines.

A perfect example of this was the George Barris custom Corvette that Farrah Fawcett had delivered in 1978. This custom machine with its pearlescent green paint and mink interior (yes, you read that right) was considered a bit gauche by many, but was a perfect example of ’70s Hollywood excess. Of course, something like that had to be immortalized in plastic, and we have AMT to thank for the 1/25 Farrah’s Foxy Vette. Check it out on the Out of Box page. However, just remember that, as in Hollywood, somethings are just make believe!


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