Road Runner’s Last “Meep”

By the time 1980 came around, the Mopar muscle car was well and truly dead. The final nail in the coffin was also the last Road Runner until the advent of that badge on Acclaim. The 1980 Road Runner was just a gussied up Volare with some decals and a few appearance options. It is a footnote many people tend to (want to?) forget. However, Round 2 has made sure that the past won’t stay buried by reissuing their Fuzz Duster ’80 Road Runner kit. Check out my bone-stock build of the 1/25 1980 Road Runner  on the Cars Page. This is one Road Runner I’m pretty sure the Coyote COULD catch up to!


  1. Randall Carlisle · · Reply

    Nice build. Sorry you had such issues, but it does go that way. My only nit is calling the Mopar rallye wheels “poverty” wheels. To many, these were the best rallye wheel available. These were pretty much the hot setup if you didn’t t get magnum 500s . But other than that, you made it look good and interesting. I read this and think I want to build it but get to the shop and can’t quite pull the trigger. So I’ll let you hold that part of my collection for me. Lol

    1. Hey Randy!

      Thanks, man, I appreciate it.

      It’s funny; my brother LOVES those wheels too, as do many I know. However, to me, they are just the worst. They remind me of some kind of cheap, European crap steelie, like you’d see on a Beetle or some Vauxhall beater. I know I’m in the minority, but that’s never stopped me before!

      It is a pretty nice kit, so long as you’re ready for the bumpers. I wanted to get the ’75 now that I’ve built this one, but I think I’ll hold off, since I’ve so much to build. 🙂

      Sounds like a plan; you can always visit this one whenever you want!

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