Africa’s Elusive Beast

Due to sanctions, embargoes and many unfriendly neighbours, South Africa has developed a very robust and interesting armaments industry. Unfortunately, their products are pretty niche, and are intended primarily for domestic use. This means that, like Israeli equipment, South African armour is not something that is very well served in the world of the injection-moulded kit.

Perhaps one of the most famous pieces of South African armour is the excellent but unusual G6 Rhino Self Propelled Gun. This six-wheeled monster is one of the best of its kind in the world, but few know of it, and until recently, there were no mainstream kits of it. I’ve always wanted a model of it, though, and that’s coming from a non-armour guy!

Thankfully, a few years ago, Takom seemed to realize that his was an injustice that needed correcting, and in 2016 released their 1/35 G6 Rhino. While it may be odd to see a 1/35 armour kit here at the Lagoon, I was very eager to get one. Check it out on the Out of Box page!

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