What Has Four Pounds and Biplanes?

If that sounds like a trick question to you, then you can imagine how I felt! This box-full-o-awesome arrived at my door just a week or so ago from my excellent friend Alan. He said he had some kits he thought I might like, and knowing my penchant for the weirdly awesome, he gathered together this strike force of sprue for my amazement!

I can’t keep something like this to myself, so I thought I’d share what is easily my biggest, and most exciting, score of this COVID-scrambled year! Check out the Mountain Comes to Me on the Scores and Collections page to see how many kits can fit in a 4 lb box!



  1. Pierre Lagacé · · Reply

    What a nice excellent friend you have.
    My question is… Will you live long enough to build all these?

    1. I agree, he is a most excellent fellow. I am deeply grateful to him, and now some of these cool little gems will get to be seen by everyone.!

      Now, as to living long enough… No! Not at all! If it was only those in my stash, then yeah, no worries. However, hundreds of Gundams, planes and likely close to 100 cars, not to mention a nearly-full roster of Matchbox tanks and a few others (Subs, etc.) conspire to ensure they outlive me.

      Oddly, I used to be very manic about that. I was close to losing sleep over it. Then I realized that was dumb. I don’t HAVE to build any of them to enjoy them! I love to just pull them off the shelves, and imagine what I could do with them. Hell, I don’t have room to display them all built anyways! Now, I just enjoy having them, and imagining what I COULD do with them. I’ve got another Luft 46 lined up that I’ve had for over 15 years. Now it’s up to bat! I don’t have to worry about shutdowns, or COVIDs or if all hobbyshops go extinct. I’m good until the end of my days, which are hopefully a long, long way away.

      I always said I couldn’t die until I build all my kits. Buying them is just insuring my immortality, that’s all! 🙂

      1. Pierre Lagacé · ·

        I was also reflecting on this Adam. I don’t regret buying all these model airplane kits earlier this year. To know I have them and possibly passing them on to a grandchild or even his grandchild in 2120 is just fine… I am building an over-engineered ICM He 111H-3 since Halloween Day. Somewhat scary sometimes.

      2. I have no kids, but I do hope my nephew will take to modelling. He’s not the patient sort right now, but he’s only 5! 🙂 He is good at Lego, though, and loves to know how things work, so there’s a possibility.

        I have a lot of stuff I’ve bought from other people’s collections post-mortem. I’m sure they’re happy knowing what they loved was spread out to others who love them too. When I go, it’ll be the same. So long as they bring me joy, and another can enjoy them afterwards, then they have done their jobs. They are, in essence, toys, after all!

        I have a rule: you can’t imagine building it until you own it. So, that’s why I have a large variety of things, rather than concentrating on one thing. I spend many a night, before I drift off to sleep, thinking of this or that model, paint scheme, weapons fit or Luft ’46 idea. I pool my kits into collections in my mind and imagine them altogether. If it never happens, it’s no biggie. I’ve had half my fun already!

        I saw that He-111. That thing is a beast! I thought Zvezda’s Mig-29 SMT (and their Yak-130, that’s another story!) were bad! Good luck with that finnicky bird!

      3. Pierre Lagacé · ·

        The bottom line Adam is having fun.

        You have a very enjoyable blog.

      4. You bet! I’d hate to think of making modelling too much of a chore! Although, there are those kits, and I’m sure everyone’s had them, that really make you go: “Why am I doing this again?”

        Thanks for the compliments, Pierre!

      5. Pierre Lagacé · ·

        That’s exactly what I say every day when I build something. Then my answer is maybe to give it as a gift to someone who will not see those little imperfections.

      6. That, my friend, is a great idea!

  2. Pierre Lagacé · · Reply

    Reblogged this on My Forgotten Hobby III and commented:
    He can’t keep something like this to himself and so do I,

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