Just Deserts

Navigating the featureless North African desert, deep behind enemy lines, cutoff from supplies and support may not sound like everybody’s dream job. Not surprisingly, there were only a handful of soliders from across the Commonwealth that had what it took to undertake such missions. Those that did were organized into the LRDG – Long Range Desert Group. This elite cadre of soldiers is one of the most famous of the Second World War’s many unique outfits.

Matchbox paid tribute to their daring and tenacity in their Orange Range LRDG kit. This included a larger-than-normal mini-diorama base as well as two vehicles; a Jeep and a 1.5 Tonne ’41 Chevy truck. This set has been something I’ve wanted for quite some time, so getting a chance to build one, and an original at that (vs. the Revell Germany reissue) was definitely a reason to get excited. Check out my finished version of the Matchbox 1/76 LRDG on the Ships and Tanks page, and see why this kit was definitely worth waiting for.

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