Build Here, Get Gas!

The US Air Force tanker crews have a saying: “No one kicks ass, without tanker gas!”. Well, long before air-to-air refuelling was a common practice, this maxim still held true. The best planes in the world were just so much scrap without fuel! For aircraft dispersed in the field, or operating from more primitive airstrips, like those found on Pacific islands, a reliable method of getting that much-needed gas to the planes was just as important. During the Second World War, the Japanese used fuellers based on medium truck chassis, like the Isuzu TX-40.

While a gas truck might not seem the most exciting or glamourous thing to kit, Hasegawa did, in fact, make a model of the TX-40. This little kit can help in building a diorama, or it looks cool just parked beside any of your 1/72 planes. Check out the  mid-’70s Hasegawa 1/72 TX-40 Airfield Fueller; it’s on the Ships and Tanks page!

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